Author: Gisela Mackenroth

Transfers: Öffentliches Erforschen der Stadt mit den Münchner Kammerspielen

What is the City? Was macht unsere Stadt aus? Wer bestimmt die kommenden Entwicklungen? Welche Handlungsspielräume bleiben uns? Diese Fragen untersuchen die Münchner Kammerspiele gemeinsam mit Künstler*innen und Akteur*innen des kulturellen und gesellschaften Lebens im Rahmen mehrer Forschungsresidenzen. Gisela Mackenroth hat die hieraus entstandene Performance “Mimetic Bodies in Public Space” aus soziologischer Perspektive kommentiert. Mit Bezügen auf philosophische, künstlerische und ethnographische Ausrichtungen der Stadtforschung arbeitet sie heraus, wie die Performance zu konkreten Formen öffentlichen und kollektiven Forschens in der Stadt anregt. Der Text ist hier online verfügbar.

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Video documentation of the discussion: Feminist cross-movement alliances

During the discussion on May 24, 2022 we were gathering different local and translocal experiences with cross-movement alliances driven by queer-feminist initiatives.First, the activists from Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland and France were bringing in reports on queer-feminist interventions in social struggles within their local contexts. We were talking about queer-feminist protest against neoliberal reforms of social services, as well as queer-feminist initiatives for social housing and opposition against nationalist, right wing politics. Second, we were getting to know the transnational feminist network “Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational” (EAST). We were learning more about EAST’s queer-feminist approach to connect social struggles of migrants, care workers, women and LGBTQI-communities on a transnational level.

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Episode 9: Ending Europe’s Gas Addiction

ple of the tension between social and climate issues. While climate scientists point out the use of methane gas must be phased out, millions of people are suffering from rising gas prices. How does Russia’s war on Ukraine and Germany’s suspension of the NordStream 2 pipeline from Russia change this terrain? And is it possible to transition away from gas without an explosion in energy poverty – or a planned decrease in energy use?

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Corporate Landlords – Research and Action

Corporate Landlords – Research and Action. Retrospect on a workshop in Bochum Between the 22nd and 24th of April, 2022, a workshop on Corporate Landlords was organized in Bochum, Germany, by activist-researchers from different countries and activist struggle backgrounds, with the aim of discussing, sharing, and developing knowledge about financial actors such as private equity firms, institutional investors and asset...

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 8

his episode features an extended conversation with feminist Johanna Bouchardeau, veteran activist of Longomaï and founding member of the feminist library and space Agate, armoise et salamandre – corps et politique in Fourcalquier. This is a storytelling kind of episode – tune into Johannas voice and enjoy stories of the founding of Longomaï in the 70s, how it linked the militant underground with local peasant struggles, the many dimensions of its internationalist work, feminist challenges and perspectives, and much more.

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 7

This episode features a conversation with Rosemary Rojas, from the Border Agricultural Workers Project and The Border Women’s Project in El Paso, Texas. Since 1994, the project has supported and assisted agricultural workers crossing the US/Mexico border and their families, and is part of La Via Campesina. We speak to Rosemary about workers and feminist struggles in the region, and the efforts to ensure safe working conditions during the pandemic.

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 6

In this episode we speak with Amaranta Herrero, an ecofeminist sociologist and agricultural engineer who is currently coordinator of the Barcelona 2030 Sustainable Food Strategy and works for the Barcelona Strategic Metropolitan Plan of Barcelona City Council. Cities are where vast amounts of food are consumed and discarded, but how may we think food production and distribution from the viewpoint of the city?

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 5

In this episode we speak to Andrea Ghelfi from the Italian food sovereignty network Genuino Clandestino. What does the Italian peasant movement have to do with urban social centres and migration struggles? Why do peasants insist on selling “genuine, but clandestine food” in Italy, and what does it mean to reinvent rural life and the peasantry as a community of practice?

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 4

In this episode we hear about the antiracist and feminist self-organization and grassroots-union-building of the Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha (“Huelva women day labourers in struggle”). They are women working in industrial berry production in southern Spain who push for better conditions, social rights and ecological transition. They build vital mutual aid, solidarity and alliances with other struggles, in the face of unions who don’t recognize them, and bosses who exploit them as workers, women and migrants.

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