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Towards Agroecological Futures: a manual

We’re excited to present ‘Towards Agroecological Futures: how to facilitate local agroecological transitions‘, an inspiring text that presents a precise analysis of our current food system crises and the need for agroecology, at the same time as offering a practice-oriented toolkit for action and collective process.

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 12

This is an episode that features two German struggles for access to land: the ABL (Association of Peasant Farmers in Germany) and Ackersyndikat (Field Syndicate – a platform for collective farm ownership and operation). Tune in to listen to Anne (ABL) and Jost (Ackersyndikat), and follow their campaigns and work.

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 11

This episode celebrates 10+ years of domestic workers organizing and campaigning in Spain, where congress finally approved legislation that grants domestic workers equal rights to other workers. Listen to the stories of Territorio Doméstico and Mujeres Unidas entre Tierras, two powerful collectives that have not just campaigned, but developed an incredible toolbox of mutual support, care, networking, migrant solidarity and celebration.

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Video documentation of the discussion: Feminist cross-movement alliances

During the discussion on May 24, 2022 we were gathering different local and translocal experiences with cross-movement alliances driven by queer-feminist initiatives.First, the activists from Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland and France were bringing in reports on queer-feminist interventions in social struggles within their local contexts. We were talking about queer-feminist protest against neoliberal reforms of social services, as well as queer-feminist initiatives for social housing and opposition against nationalist, right wing politics. Second, we were getting to know the transnational feminist network “Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational” (EAST). We were learning more about EAST’s queer-feminist approach to connect social struggles of migrants, care workers, women and LGBTQI-communities on a transnational level.

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Corporate Landlords – Research and Action

Corporate Landlords – Research and Action. Retrospect on a workshop in Bochum Between the 22nd and 24th of April, 2022, a workshop on Corporate Landlords was organized in Bochum, Germany, by activist-researchers from different countries and activist struggle backgrounds, with the aim of discussing, sharing, and developing knowledge about financial actors such as private equity firms, institutional investors and asset...

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 8

his episode features an extended conversation with feminist Johanna Bouchardeau, veteran activist of Longomaï and founding member of the feminist library and space Agate, armoise et salamandre – corps et politique in Fourcalquier. This is a storytelling kind of episode – tune into Johannas voice and enjoy stories of the founding of Longomaï in the 70s, how it linked the militant underground with local peasant struggles, the many dimensions of its internationalist work, feminist challenges and perspectives, and much more.

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 5

In this episode we speak to Andrea Ghelfi from the Italian food sovereignty network Genuino Clandestino. What does the Italian peasant movement have to do with urban social centres and migration struggles? Why do peasants insist on selling “genuine, but clandestine food” in Italy, and what does it mean to reinvent rural life and the peasantry as a community of practice?

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Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 4

In this episode we hear about the antiracist and feminist self-organization and grassroots-union-building of the Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha (“Huelva women day labourers in struggle”). They are women working in industrial berry production in southern Spain who push for better conditions, social rights and ecological transition. They build vital mutual aid, solidarity and alliances with other struggles, in the face of unions who don’t recognize them, and bosses who exploit them as workers, women and migrants.

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Tage der Wiedereröffnung: Weimar und die Normalität

Zum 3. Oktober 2021 unternimmt das Weimarer Bürgerradio “Radio Lotte” einen Streifzug durch Weimar und erkundet die Veränderungen in der Stadt nach der Pandemie. Georg Gräser besucht in seinem Magazin Sozialarbeiter*innen, Goldschmied*innen, Kleingärtner*innen, die Weimarer Fridays for Future und viele weitere Menschen und Initiativen, die ein aktives Leben in der Stadt auszeichnen. Die gegenwärtige Stimmung in der Stadt wird mit Stimmen unmittelbar nach der Wiedervereinigung collagiert. Für das Magazin wurde auch das Forschungsprojekt MovE gefragt, wie soziale Bewegungen die Pandemie erlebt haben.

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