Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 1

Earthcare Fieldcast No. 1: What is Earthcare?

by Bue Rübner Hansen and Manuela Zechner

In this first episode, we present the twin concepts of earthcare and fieldcasting in two short conversations with environmental justice scholar Stefania Barca and cooperative farmworker Tobias at Ochsenherz, Austria.

We speak with Stefania Barca about the concept of “earthcare labour” which she explores in her recent book The Forces of Reproduction, and we discuss definitions and avenues for thinking about social reproduction and environmental struggles. What is earthcare labour? Who are its subjects and workers? And what perspectives for organizing and alliances does it open — both transversally and translocally?

For our second conversation we’re joined by Tobias, a worker of the Ochsenherz solidarity farm outside Vienna in Austria. Recorded in the farm’s vegetable fields, it explores community supported agriculture and its perspectives on transformation and social reproduction.

This first episode sets us up nicely for what’s coming up next in our future shows: reports and reflections on agroecology and La Via Campesina in Europe, feminist campesina pedagogies, feminist & climate strikes, as well as analyses and fieldcasts from the frontlines of climate struggle and infrastructural blockades.

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)