Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 12

Fighting for Access to Land! The ABL and Ackersyndikat (DE)

This is an episode that features two German struggles for access to land: the ABL (Association of Peasant Farmers in Germany) and Ackersyndikat (Field Syndicate – a platform for collective farm ownership and operation). Part of an emergent movement for land rights and socialization, these two initiatives share many synergies: when it comes to fighting for socio-ecologically just farming practices, developing campaigns and new legal-technical models, generating alternative infrastructures and bottom-up representation, and pushing for cultural change through the commons. Tune in to listen to Anne (ABL) and Jost (Ackersyndikat), and follow their campaigns and work via the links below (links mostly in German, podcast in English!).


The Ackersyndikat

The ABL’s campaign for pubic land to be leased for the common good:…hlkampagne and it’s catalogue of criteria…ohlverpachtung.pdf

The Access to Land platform

Eichberg field occupation – Acker Bleibt

Deutsche Wohnen&Co Enteignen campaign & referendum

About the fight against the enclosures…-fight-back/

End to privatization of remaining public land in East Germany…eutschland-100.html

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)