Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 2

Episode 2 — Ecoruralis: Peasant Farmers Organization  in Romania

In this episode we speak to Attila Szocs of Ecoruralis, a 14,000 member-strong peasant farmer organization in Romania that is part of La Via Campesina Europe. The first part of this episode explores the work of Ecoruralis at the community level: their seed house, peasant-to-peasant knowledge exchanges, local production and distribution networks, Ecoruralis’ approach to agroecology and organization, and the horizon for strengthening rural feminism.

The second part of this episode is dedicated to the broader dynamics of land grabs and how they affect peasants, triggering dynamics of displacement and migration as well as campaigns against the financialization of land and for the defense of agricultural land. We learn of Ecoruralis’ ways of slowly building collective power and amplifying the voice of peasants, in the complex historical and social context of Romania, rich in peasant knowledge and practice.

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)