Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 3

Episode 3: Feminist Organizing across Migrant Agricultural and Care Work

This episode features conversations with the Austrian Sezonieri and Swiss Widerstand am Tellerrand campaigns for the rights of seasonal agricultural workers. How to organize with the migrant workers who do life-sustaining labors on temporary regimes? How can unions be pushed to take this seriously?

This is the first episode in a two-part series that focuses on the connections between migrant labor struggles in agriculture and care: working conditions, strategies and networks of organizing and struggle and the kinds of feminist pedagogies that make this organizing so powerful. Care and agriculture have been deemed “essential” work and much applauded during the pandemic, yet continue to be part of highly exploitative, alienated and toxic labor and production regimes.

In this episode, we trace the strengths, alliances and feminist underpinnings of two campaigns that struggle for better conditions in industrial agriculture, building synergies with agroecology and feminism.

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)