Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 4

Episode 4: Jornaleras en lucha: antiracist & feminist social syndicalism

In this episode we hear about the antiracist and feminist self-organization and grassroots-union-building of the Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha (“Huelva women day labourers in struggle”). They are women working in industrial berry production in southern Spain who push for better conditions, social rights and ecological transition. They build vital mutual aid, solidarity and alliances with other struggles, in the face of unions who don’t recognize them, and bosses who exploit them as workers, women and migrants. How can we imagine and push for ecosocial transition that develops a different relation to land, labour and community? Why and how are labour struggles in industrial agriculture important for our imaginatires of agroecological futures? Why can’t we do without alliances between anticacism, feminism and ecology? Anna and Nahat from the Jornaleras en Lucha have a lot to report. We translated their interview from Spanish into English for this episode.

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)