Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 5

Episode 5: Genuine and clandestine – food, peasants, and social centers in Italy

In this episode we speak to Andrea Ghelfi from the Italian food sovereignty network Genuino Clandestino. What does the Italian peasant movement have to do with urban social centres and migration struggles? Why do peasants insist on selling “genuine, but clandestine food” in Italy, and what does it mean to reinvent rural life and the peasantry as a community of practice? Andrea gives us insights into the new peasantry in Italy and its struggle for the right to public space, for commons and agroecology. We also discuss the question of building a political force capable of transforming laws and institutions, and the situation of the ecology and climate movements in Italy.

Episode links:

Genuino Clandestino

Campi Aperti

Mondeggi Bene Comune


Gruppi di Acquisto Sociale

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)