Earthcare Fieldcast: Episode 8

Episode 8: Longomaï, feminist soundings of agrarian internationalism

This episode features an extended conversation with feminist Johanna Bouchardeau, veteran activist of Longomaï and founding member of the feminist library and space Agate, armoise et salamandre – corps et politique in Fourcalquier. This is a storytelling kind of episode – tune into Johannas voice and enjoy stories of the founding of Longomaï in the 70s, how it linked the militant underground with local peasant struggles, the many dimensions of its internationalist work, feminist challenges and perspectives, and much more. It comes in three parts: (1) the foundings of Longomaï, politicization post 68, experiences of arrival in the commune (2) politics from the margins, making allies with peasants, the role of feasts and festivals (3) Longomaï’s internationalism in Costa Rica, and the path from the 1970s to the present as seen through a (rural) feminist lens.

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Illustration: Many thanks to Amanda Priebe (copyright)