Tactics for Agroecological Transition

Videos from our course on Tools&Tactics for Agroecological Transition

Agricultural transformation is a vital battlefield for common planetary survival and care. This course was a co-learning process for collectives, in which we shared and elaborated tools and tactics for agroecological struggle. Bringing together different collective agents of agricultural transition and radical rural transformation – from migrant land workers to farming collectives and ecological and community platforms, from different countries and countrysides – we focused on four key dimensions of this struggle: labour and migrant rights; access to land and struggles for common property; local and commons-based economies; and transformative agriculture against climate crisis and ecological devastation. Through four thematic sessions, as well as an introductory networking hour and a final assembly, we brought together tools and tactics from different places – focusing on Europe as institutional-legal and social battlefield.

Setlist of the course:

  1. Facilitating Local Agroecological Transitions – Event
  2. Beyond exploitation: Feminist, Anti-Racist and Ecological Social Syndicalisms in Agriculture
  3. Beyond private property: socializing and (re)claiming land for transformative agriculture
  4. Beyond the capitalist food system: Cooperatives, Commons Economies and Agroecology Schools
  5. Beyond Agri-Ecocide: campaigning, legal tactics and co-research