Feminist cross-movement alliances – connecting local and translocal experiences

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Date(s) - May 24, 2022
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Feminist cross-movement alliances – connecting local and translocal experiences

24 May 2022, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (CEST)

During the discussion we will be gathering different local and translocal experiences with cross-movement alliances driven by queer-feminist initiatives.

First, the activists invited from Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland and France will be bringing in reports on queer-feminist interventions in social struggles within their local contexts. We will be talking about queer-feminist protest against neoliberal reforms of social services, as well as queer-feminist initiatives for social housing and opposition against nationalist, right wing politics. By this, we are bringing in touch different local feminist experiences with cross-movement alliances. Second, we will be getting to know the transnational feminist network “Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational” (EAST). EAST will be sharing their observation of different local struggles, performed by migrants and care workers during the pandemic in Europe. We will be learning more about EAST’s queer-feminist approach to connect social struggles of migrants, care workers, women and LGBTQI-communities on a transnational level.

On this basis we will be reflecting about queer-feminist interventions in cross-movement alliances: How are queer-feminist initiatives involved in cross movement-alliances? How are they changing perspectives and strategies in such alliances? What tensions and problems are they facing? And how can they in turn develop such alliances? We will be amplifying the discussion by approaching a transnational level. For this purpose, we will discuss similarities of the various local struggles and elaborate transnational aspects of local action and strategies: How are local struggles changing by transnational connections? To what extent are transnational queer-feminist networks able to develop cross-movement alliances, which means to connect various social issues and movements? What preconditions are needed in order to elaborate such transnational connections?

With: Kalina Drenska (LevFem, E.A.S.T., Sofia/Bulgaria), Nous Toustes Grenoble (France), Maka Suarez (PAH, Spain), Susy Greuter (Feminist Strike Basel, Switzerland, Hände weg von unserer Rente)

Zoom Link: https://uni-jena-de.zoom.us/j/67967022696 (Kenncode: networks)



The event ist part of the series “Translocal Solidarities”. For further information please click here.

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